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Peugeot propaganda against Peugeot 206 sale

LONDON, August 25 (IranMania) - Iran Khodro official representative in Russia, Khalim Bilalov criticized the media propaganda and threats as well as destructive measures of Peugeot Company against sale of Iran Khodro's products under Peugeot trade mark on the Russian market, IRNA reported.

He said that through continuous hue and cry against Iran Khodro products, in particular Peugeot 206, the Russian Peugeot Company has launched negative propaganda on the alleged low quality of the vehicle and Iran Khodro's incapability to offer after-sale services.

"This is while, such negative propaganda have not had the slightest effect on Russian clients to change their minds about purchasing the Iranian Peugeot 206, which in addition to its high quality and proper after-sale services, is at least 2,500 dollars cheaper than its French version," he said.

Bilalov said that export of Iranian made Peugeot to Russia has resulted in legal disputes between Iran Khodro sales representatives in Russia and Peugeot Company.

He underlined that though export of Peugeot 206 to Russia has temporarily been stopped, Peugeot Company is still pursuing its complaint against Iran Khodro.

Turning to the fact that Peugeot Company is determined to limit the market of Iranian auto manufacturers, he said, "Peugeot Company claims that Iran Khodro exports the vehicle without being authorized to do so."

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Peugeot propaganda against Peugeot 206 sale
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